My Company’ Service” is a specialized transport company par excellence.

"My Company' Service" is a trusted resource for providing Executive Protection Drivers and reliable protection for a wide range of VIPs including Corporate Executives.

The French leader in “Security Drivers” secure transportation.

The very first French transport company to take the physical protection of people into account in its services (Security Plan, advanced work, vehicular search, “defibrillator” emergency equipment, etc.

One single goal: to ensure the secure transportation of passengers and the quality of our services to the highest standards.”


The changes in our society are forcing an increasing number of clients to demand services in line with current events.


My Company’ Service offers services that far exceed conventional ideas on regular private transportation, focusing its skills on the safety and security of the protective mechanisms used in the transport of VIP passengers.


Genuine know-how as well as an in-depth understanding for our clients: Professional People, Major Corporations, Institutions, Official Organizations, etc.


          3 Centers of expertise at your service : 


               1 - Vehicle hire with security driver for passenger transport, rental of armored cars with chauffeur.

               2 - Transport of securities or “sensitive” goods.

               3 - A training center, known and applauded by the profession, MCS Training Center.

Chauffeur de sécurité
Chauffeur de sécurité

Location de limousines avec Chauffeurs de Sécurité à Paris et dans toute la France France.

Hire Sedan  Car with Security Drivers in France.

Chauffeurs de sécurité pour VIP, Business, People, Ambassades, Institutions, Administrations, Organisations Internationales, Ministères, etc. à Paris et dans toute la France.

Chauffeur de sécurité

My Company’ Service

3, rue du Commandant Pilot

92200 Neuilly Sur Seine (France)

SIRET 817 845 258 000 18   

N°TVA FR 358 17 845 258

N°GESTION 2016 B 00433  Code APE: 4941A


Contact :       Phone number :    +336 64 14 28 30          +337 63 33 48 28